We’re always being asked, “How do you travel?” We hear people say “I wish I could do what you are doing” and “You’re living the dream.” The truth is, our circumstances are not far off from most people. Our parents aren’t paying for our travels, and they never have. We don’t have family money as a cushion, nor do we have “amazing” jobs that give us plenty of time and money to travel the world. We are able-bodied (for the most part), we do have strong passports, and we have college degrees. But, we’ve worked with plenty of people who don’t necessarily have these things.


Aside from this, what we did have was the dedication, desire, and mindset to make a change in our lives for the better. 


We attained this on our own - but, with the help of each other. And, of course, the help of others who have traveled before us.


We understand many people do not have those connections. But, that’s what we want to be for you.


It all started in our senior year of college. Hana wanted to go abroad after graduating, especially because she had no luck finding work. She signed for the Peace Corps, and shortly after, she met Max. A few months went by, and summer was almost over with no job prospects in sight. With $400 in cash, one credit card with a $500 limit, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loan debt, they took off to work in South Korea.


After a year of ups and downs and a trip to China - in awe that we saw the Great Wall with our own eyes - we ultimately decided that we couldn’t leave Asia without seeing more of it. We saved up $2,000 (in addition to paying our monthly bills) and spent a month traveling through Southeast Asia. It was this experience that made us realize that this life can be a reality. Or as some say - where we got bit by the travel bug.


More than five years later, we’ve done everything we could do to maintain a life of travel. We’ve seen thirty countries together - from the ancient civilizations of Angkor Wat, to the beaches of the South Pacific, to the bustling metropolis of Rio de Janeiro - and we have memories to last a lifetime. And, between us and you, we haven’t done anything special to get us here, besides change our attitude and make travel a priority. Or, rather - a life worth living.


We want to help you do the same.

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